Opioid Dependence and Treatment

“It takes one physician to withdraw a person from alcohol and drugs. It takes a “therapeutic village” to prevent his or her return to alcohol and drugs.”
—Stuart C Yudofsky, MD

Let us be your village for
Medication Assisted Treatment Counseling

Establishing linkages with other professionals is essential. In fact, it is required that patients who are prescribed Suboxone or Methadone  participate in counseling. Pharmacotherapy alone is rarely sufficient treatment for drug addiction. Treatment outcomes demonstrate improvement based on the level or amount of psychosocial treatment services that are provided. Many patients have better outcome with formal therapy in either individual or group settings than self-help.

Why tele-counseling?

Too many people are dying of opioid overdoses.
Our goal is to reduce barriers to treatment and curb the opioid epidemic.

  • Stigma against MAT poses a barrier to recovery. Negative attitudes toward Suboxone,  Methadone or Vivitrol prohibits patients from feeling accepted and understood. Our services provide respectful treatment for opioid dependent people.
  • Lack of Transportation or a valid drivers license is no longer an issue. We can meet wherever the patient is, via computer or a mobile app.
  • Scheduling Challenges from employment and childcare prevent many patients from individual or group counseling. Our services are scheduled at their convenience.
  • Financial Constraints can be managed. We will check insurance eligibility, file claims on the patient’s behalf, or offer tailored services to minimize costs.
  • Easy Access: When the patient is ready, a counselor is available.

SAMSHSA and DHS Best Practice guidelines

Physician – Counselor Linkage

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Every day, more than 115 Americans die after overdosing on opioids. Medication Assisted Treatment is the gold standard of treatment for opioid dependent patients.