Interactions Therapy Center was founded in 1989 as a counseling practice with the purpose of helping people with their mental health and addiction recovery.

Dr. Gabbert is the President and founder of Interactions Therapy Center. “Interactions” refers to the interaction of problems within a system. Problems occur and are maintained within a context – such as a love relationship, family context or employment. The context is explored in treatment.

Dr. Gabbert’s therapeutic approach

Gabbert’s approach is eclectic. She draws from many different therapeutic models depending on the condition. If dealing with anxiety, she may utilize desensitization techniques or relaxation techniques. If a couple is experiencing difficulties caused by infidelity she will utilize material designed to help a couple heal after an affair. When working with an addiction she utilizes motivational, behavioral and cognitive treatments. Treatment is usually solution-focused rather than insight focused, that is concrete interventions are sought to change unhealthy patterns.

Insight frequently comes with change in therapy; rather than preceding it. The first and second session are primarily designed for assessment purposes. She will gather information about your unique situation and ascertain what you hope to achieve through counseling. Together you both will devise a plan that is both attainable and understandable for your unique needs. Dr. Gabbert may administer assessment questionnaires, provide education, assign homework or suggest behavioral tasks to help you reach your goals. Treatment concludes as soon as your goals are met.